32. Books Bought, May-June 2012…

15 Jul
32. Books Bought, May-June 2012…


A Clash of Kings,’ George R.R.Martin (signed)

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk,’ David Sedaris

How I Escaped My Certain Fate,’ Stewart Lee

Musicophilia,’ Oliver Sacks

Africa United: how football explains africa,’ Steve Bloomfield

Dave Gorman vs The Rest Of The World,’ Dave Gorman

How To Read A Novel,’ John Sutherland

The Fry Chronicles,’ Stephen Fry

‘The Sisters Brothers,’ Patrick deWitt

The Hare With The Amber Eyes,’ Edmund de Waal

Remember, Remember (The Fifth Of November): the history of britain in bite sized chunks,’ Judy Parkinson

The Pythons Autobiography By The Pythons,’ Cleese, Palin, Idle, Gilliam, Jones, Chapman (estate), Bob McCabe

Lonely Planet: The Travel Book

W.H.Auden: selected poems

‘Philip Larkin: selected poems’

‘Ted Hughes: selected poems’

McSweeney’s Number 11’ (already owned, but I wasn’t sure and found it in an Oxfam charity bookshop and couldn’t resist…plus it was sealed…)

More Things Like This,’ McSweeney’s

Good To Be God,’ Tibor Fischer

The Mozart Question,’ Michael Morpurgo

Thanks For Nothing,’ Jack Dee

Proust And The Squid,’ Maryanne Wolf

The Independent Book Of Interviews: Pt.1

Notes From A Small Island,’ Bill Bryson (my take home from a charity book swap)

This Is A Book,’ Demetri Martin

The Hunger Games,’ Suzanne Collins
I Never Knew That About London,’ Christopher Winn
Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered To Do It,’ Tibor Fischer
I Am America (and so can you),’ Stephen Colbert
Midnight’s Children,’ Salman Rushdie
Lewis Carroll In Wonderland,’ Robin Wilson
The Football Men,’ Simon Kuper
Freedom,’ Jonathan Franzen
Sigmund Freud,’ by Ralph Steadman
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die,’ edited by Steven Jay Schneider
The Complete Winnie The Pooh,’ A.A.Milne
Delete This At Your Peril,’ Neil Forsyth
Disgrace,’ J.M.Coetzee
What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank,’ Nathan Englander
Taking Chances,’ John Haigh
plus: 16 books bought (and reported on) during the 2012 Hay Literature Festival
I have a notebook, (well, to be more precise,I have several: in fact, I have a kind of notebook addiction, possibly even fetish. But thats beside the point), in which I keep track of which books I buy, read, finish reading, on which dates. The plan was to spend most of the blogs writing about the books I’m reading, but it’s almost as much fun to note what I have been buying, and why. To me, at least.
So, 62 books over two months: over a book a day, which for some reason makes me happy, like I’m keeping up some sort of undecided, unnecessary average. Five bought in order to get signed by their authors at the Hay Festival, (with a 60% success rate); three presents, (grandmother, niece and housemates), two I already owned, (the McSweeney’s because I wasn’t sure if I already owned it or not, but there may not be a better emergency present around for literate friends; the Coetzee classic ‘Disgrace’ because I found a gorgeous, purple-paged edition in a charity shop and couldn’t resist), and just two London history books, (since I now know pretty much everything there is to know about the city, and just want to keep on my toes). Not to mention a complete set of six signed at the fantastic ‘School of Life’ event, as blogged about here.
I continued adding to my poetry collection, (which I never quite get around to actually reading, but I will do someday, I’m sure…), completed my Tibor Fischer collection, began my ‘Hunger Games’ hunt, and saw a distinct bias towards non-fiction: comedy autobiogs, football, music, literature, statistics, linguistics and a book on how the human brain has evolved and developed reading systems over the years. Fittingly.
I now have a shelf of around 40/50 books here in London, and maybe only a few more months left in the capital. The Olympics are coming, as are three solid weeks of work to enable me to take a fortnight off tours to enjoy the games, so I have made a conscious effort to a) stop buying quite so many books, and b) get through as many of the ones I have here in the meantime. So hopefully I’ll have more time to catch up on blogging about all the books I’ve been reading, piled up next to my shelf with little yellow Post-It notes donkey-ear’ing out of them by the dozen, and not just the ones I’ve been buying.

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