41. Books Bought & Read, August 2012…

09 Oct
41. Books Bought & Read, August 2012…

Books Bought, August 2012

Hitch 22,’ Chirstopher Hitchens

It’s Not Me, It’s You,’ Jon Richardson

The Rough Guide To Graphic Novels,’ Danny Fingeroth

Stick To Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!,’ Scott Adams

Pure,’ Andrew Miller

Rescuing The Spectacled Bear,’ Stephen Fry

Rant,’ Chuck Palahniuk

The Big Short,’ Michael Lewis

Very Good, Jeeves,’ P.G.Wodehouse

How I Work; the secret life of authors,’ edited by Dan Crowe 

Breakdowns; portrait of the artist as a young %@&*!,’ Art Spiegelman

The Skating Rink,’ Roberto Bolaño


Books Read, August 2012

Yoga For People Who Don’t Like Doing It,’ Geoff Dyer

Priceless,’ Robert.K.Whitman

It’s Not Me, It’s You,’ Jon Richardson

‘Believer Magazine: no.90’ 

This Is A Book,’ Demetri Martin

The Selected Works Of T.S.Spivet,’ Reif Larson

Breakdowns; portrait of the artist as a young %@&*!,’ Art Spiegelman 

The Big Short,’ Michael Lewis

Rant,’ Chuck Palahniuk

The Skating Rink,’ Roberto Bolaño

August was an anomaly of a month for me: practically no books bought by my standards, (and a third of the twelve i did get my hands on were all bought in the space of half an hour, in a fantastic bookshop in central Oxford where every book costs just £2), and a blog-era low of just ten read, (and one of them was a magazine, but The Believer packs more into its 80 pages than most novels I have ever read).

The reason? As for so much else, (my lack of sleep for two and a half weeks; my lack of income for the same period; the curious phenomenon of people in London enjoying themselves), you can blame the Olympics. From July 27th until August 12th, I sacrificed not just my job, but also my reading time to volunteering at the Olympic Volleyball venue, (regular, not beach, in case you were wondering). Shifts lasted anything from ten hours to past-last-train-o’clock, and though I loved every minute of the games, books took a back seat. Whilst I did optimistically cram a novel into the miniscule shoulder bag which was the only bag we were officially allowed to carry, it was the same one for the entire competition, and was barely ever cracked open: even train and bus journeys were spent reading the Metro, London’s free newspaper, which was packed with Olympic news and seemed to magically always last the exact length of my journey.

It was therefore quite a light month in both quantity and quality, featuring an over-sized comic, (admittedly, a deeply dark, underground comic compilation by the author of the amazing Maus); a half-comic, half-ramble of general hilarity by Woody Allen-alike Demetri Martin; a book by cheeky English comedian Jon Richardson, (albeit on the topic of the difficulties of finding a girlfriend when you have OCD!); given some gravitas by Michael Lewis‘s excellent account of how Credit Default Swaps almost ended modern economic life as we know it, (only he could make that as interesting as he does); and the conceptually fascinating notes with occasional novel attahed which is Reif Larson‘s ‘The Selected Works Of T.S.Spivet.

But you’ll have to wait for upcoming posts for reviews of those, because that’s how I’ve decided to do things from now on: monthly lists, followed by regular one-off reviews interspersed with the occasional compilations of quotes.


(PS For those of you who enjoy my little hyperlinks, which are both as apt and interesting as I can possibly make them, and take an amazing amount of time to source, there is an absolute diamond of a cross-over link this blog: see if you can find it, and enjoy the interview!

“I don’t have a Plan B, because my plans are numbered: I have a Plan 2…”)


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