44. Books Bought & Read, September 2012…

26 Oct
44. Books Bought & Read, September 2012…

Books Bought, September 2012

Thames: sacred river,’ Peter Ackroyd

Moonwalking With Einstein: the art and science of remembering everything,’ Joshua Foer

The Disappearing Spoon,’ Sam Kean

What A Carve Up!‘ Jonathan Coe

Unto Death,’ Amos Oz

The Disappointment Artist,’ Jonathan Lethem

Nalle Puh,’ A.A.Milne

Kalle Och Hobbe,’ Bill Waterstone

Tintin: den svarte ön,’ Hergé

Vildingarna,’ Dave Eggers

A Grain Of Wheat,’ Ngūgī Wa Thiong’o 

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban,’ J.K.Rowling

A Casual Vacancy,’ J.K.Rowling (x2)

The Chosen,’ Chaim Potok

Remember The Alamo? american history in bite-sized chunks,’ Alison Rattle & Allison Vale

The Murders In The Rue Morgue,’ Edgar Allan Poe

The Family Fang,’ Kevin Wilson


Books Read, September 2012

Pure,’ Andrew Miller

Very Good, Jeeves,’ P.G.Wodehouse

The Unfolding Of Language,’ Guy Deutscher

Telling Stories,’ Tim Burgess

Moonwalking With Einstein; the art and science of remembering everything,’ Joshua Foer

Out Of Sheer Rage,’ Geoff Dyer 

The Disappearing Spoon; and other true tales of madness, love and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements,’ Sam Kean

Visiting Mrs.Nabakov,‘ Martin Amis 

Stick To Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!,’ Scott Adams

‘The Complete Enderby: Inside Mr. Enderby; Enderby Outside; The Clockwork Testament (or Enderby’s End); and Enderby’s Dark Lady,’ Anthony Burgess

Unto Death,’ Amos Oz

The Disappointment Artist,’ Jonathan Lethem

17 books bough this month and, only 12 read…well, 15 really, since I’m counting Anthony Burgess‘s ‘Enderby tome as four separate books, since…well, technically it is four separate books compiled into one paperback, and anyway it took me five days of solid holiday reading in Sweden to get through this 630-page compilation!

Incidentally, that five day break in Gothenburg is the reason for the appearance of some non-native vowels in the Books Bought list this month, as I picked up the Swedish versions of ‘Where The Wild Things Are,’ ‘Calvin And Hobbes,’ andWinnie The Pooh,’ as well as a Tintin which, since it appears here, I will now have to send to its intended recipient or it won’t be much of a surprise present anymore.

(It is an as-yet undiscussed feature of my book collection that, at some point in my life, I decided that I wanted to assemble as many copies as possible of my favourite book, Antione de St.Exupéry‘s ‘Le Petit Prince‘ in as many different languages as possible. Originally, this had something to do with learning new languages by (re)reading a book I love, but soon became just a habit I ensured I fulfilled in every new country I visited. The problem was, being me, I soon became unable to limit this habit to just the one book, and this is why I now have a cupboard full of everything from Spanish versions of Neil Gaiman comics ,to the uncanny ability to name Calvin and Hobbes or Winnie the Pooh in various ridiculous translations, (my favourite, since you ask, being Norway’s ‘Ole Brum,’ brum brum brum being the noise that bears make, be they Winnie or other)).

Anyway, again sport takes the blame for the low book count this month, or to be more precise the unexpected amazingness of the Paralympics. After the massive adrenaline rush of the 2012 Olympics came to an end, I made sure to prolong the experience as long as possible by getting myself placed at the Basketball Arena, in the Olympic Park in East London, as a volunteer for the Paralympics. What most people thought would be a mere sporting afterthought turned out to be even more fun than the main games, 2.7 million tickets being sold mainly to families ensuring a more relaxed atmosphere at venues, and athletes who were both more accessible and had stories to inspire you before they’d even kicked off, served a ball or run a lap.

The point is, from August 29th to September 9th I was otherwise indisposed again, and with a third of the reading month already gone, and rent money to earn once the games were (sniff) over, this was a literature-light few months for me.

The books I did get through were fairly science-heavy: a biography of the periodic table and the elements of which it consists was fascinating, as was Joshua Foer‘s investigation of memory and his attempts to become the rememberingest American. (Note: rememberingest may not be a real-life actual word, but this is my blog, my rules). I like to check in with my linguistics background from time to time, which I did with Deutscher’s patchy analysis of the origins of language.

Fun was supplied by an indie autobiography courtesy of The Charlatans‘ lead singer Tim Burgess, and a blog-inspired collection of short thoughts from Dilbert creator and extremely amusing/disturbed man, Scott Adams, as well as my first ever ‘Jeeves‘ collection, (and I defy anyone who has ever seen the series to read the books without hearing Fry and Laurie declaiming the lines in your head).

But the highlight of this month, by a considerable margin, was managing to meet and get signed copies of the new book from one of the biggest selling authors in the world, at one of her few public appearances, on the evening of the release of her first new book in over five years, as previously reported here.

There are going to be some fun and fascinating reviews coming in the next few blogs…


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3 responses to “44. Books Bought & Read, September 2012…

  1. Brad

    October 31, 2012 at 9:13 am

    g’day mate, was great chatting to you on your walking tour, which was tops by the way. The black pudding tasted like meat loaf from back home but a little dry.
    my blog that i was telling you about as at
    next two stops will be france and sweden id say.
    hope all is well.

    • doronklemer

      October 31, 2012 at 9:38 am

      Hey Bradski,

      Pleasure having you along! Hope you enjoy the blog, I’ll be checking yours out now.
      I’ll pass on your culinary criticism to the pub! 😉



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