64. Books Bought & Read, March 2013…

06 Apr
64. Books Bought & Read, March 2013…

Books Bought, March 2013

The Lacuna,’ Barbara Kingsolver

Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko

Bob Servant: hero of dundee,’ Neil Forsyth

The Orientalist,’ Tom Reiss


Books Read, March 2013

Inifinite Jest,’ David Foster Wallace

Payback: debt and the shadow side of wealthMargaret Atwood

The Castle,’ Franz Kafka

Ceremony,’ Leslie Marmon Silko

Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw: travels in search of canada,’ Will Ferguson

The Man Who Loved China,’ Simon Winchester

Bob Servant: hero of dundee,’ Neil Forsyth

The Marriage Plot,Jeffrey Eugenides

Planet Google: one company’s audacious plan to organize everything we know,’ Randall Stross

Darkness At Noon,’ Arthur Koestler


A slow, but fun month: I’m easing myself back into my old book-buying ways with a few books picked up at Dutch Tony’s bookshop/bedroom, and a couple purchased on a hot-spring hunting expedition to Guatemala’s second city, Xela, around 50km away from the Lake. More importantly, I hit a three-day-per-book reading average this month, a respectable rate given:

a) how much work there was to do at the bar, with Semana Santa, the busiest week of the year, and

b) the Bosses’ wedding to prepare for, attend and subsequently recover from, and

c) the fact that a couple of the books, (‘Inifinite Jest,’ rolled over from last month, and ‘The Marriage Plot‘, especially), were far from short.

And also, d), I did a fair bit of partying this month.

Anyway, it was a nicely balanced fiction/non-fiction month, with a couple shading the boundaries: ‘Darkness At Noon,’ lent to me by the wonderful folk at our local wine and cheese restaurant, was a Solzhenitzen-esque semi-autobiographical criticism of the Communist Soviet system, and ‘Ceremony‘ a look into the plight of Native Americans in the modern United States. I learned about Google, China and Canada, as well as the religious, mythical and moral aspects of debt from the wonderful Margaret Atwood, and saw two sides of surreality with Kafka’s unfinished (and unfinishable?) attempts to reach a castle, and a mythical Scottish ‘hero’s fauxtobiography.

Perhaps most importantly, my book stack, with two months left in Guatemala, is down to the last 8 or 9 tomes, a couple of which will be returning with me. That means that I am about ready to open my temporary second-hand book shop here, profits going partly to my charity of choice, Room to Read, and partly to the Doron Klemer Fund To Avoid Work And Real Life For A Few More Weeks Upon Returning To The UK, (patent pending).

It also means that there will be a whooole stack of quotes from these books to be posted here in the coming weeks, as well as reviews of some of the favourites: stay tuned, and feel free to send feedback!

200px-Planet_google_cover images-3 images-2 Marriage+Plot images-1 tumblr_mb7wwpWBKs1rcd938o1_400 images 9781841956527_custom-969147b9d933c21263b6ae426fa930c364811b3d-s6-c10 man who loved china 200px-Payback_(Margaret_Atwood_book)_cover_art

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