115. Books Bought & Read, April 2014…

19 May
115. Books Bought & Read, April 2014…

Books Bought, April 2014

Objecto, Quase,’ José Saramago

Deste Mundo O Do Outro,’ José Saramago

The Book Of Disquiet,’ Bernardo Soares / Fernando Pessoa

With Lawrence In Arabia,’ Lowell Thomas

História De Portugal,’ Maria Cândida Proeca

Poesias,’ Fernando Pessoa

Mensagem,’ Fernando Pessoa

K4: o cuadrado azul,’ José de Almada Negreiros

Pensageiro Frequente,’ Mia Couto

Lisboa: a guerra nas sombras da cidade de luz, 1939-1945,’ (‘Lisbon: war in the shadows of the city of light, 1939-1945’), Neill Lochery

O Velho Que Lia Romances De Amor,’  Luis Sepulveda

Historia De Una Gaviota E Do Gato Que A Ensinou A Voar,’  Luis Sepulveda

O Gato Malhado E A Andorinha Sinhá,’  Jorge Amado

O País Do Carnaval‘  Jorge Amado

Fado,’ José Regio

Fernando Pessoa,’ João Gaspar Simeões

José Saramago: nas suas palavraas,’ José Saramago

The First Global Village: how portugal changed the world,’ Martin Page

Collection of 14 ‘Classics of Portuguese Literature for Children’: Eça de Queiroz, Gil Vicente, Fernando Pessoa, Alexandre Herculano, Júlio Denis, Camilo Castelo Branco, Padre António Vieira, Almeida Garrett


Books Read, April 2014

Introducing Postfeminism,’ Sophia Phoca & Rebecca Wright

A Burnable Book,’ Bruce Holsinger

Night Train To Lisbon,’ Pascal Mercier

The First Global Village: how portugal changed the world,’ Martin Page


Yet again, I am weeks behind with my blogging, thanks to being weeks ahead of real life.

This week saw me share three cars with around a dozen strangers for over 4,000kms, (that’s 132.9 cubic litres if you don’t do metric), in order to cross four European countries, (well, cross three and pop into the fourth), in order to see my adopted football team, Benfica, lose on penalties in a European Cup Final in Torino, Italy.


Spot the odd one out…


…and spot the odd one!








Reading has been replaced by living lately, and writing even more so, but here is my belated account of last month’s literary comings and goings.

Thirty-two books bought, (almost half of them in a gorgeous illustrated kids’ set of classic Portuguese literature, picked up for an embarrassingly cheap sum in the bi-weekly Lisbon flea-market), most of them Portuguese books, (which I will either never read, or Brazilian authors I am preparing to take with me on my seven week odyssey to the World Cup in a few weeks), and only four read.


The cutest way to learn a foreign language/literature…


Two were on Lisbon, one fiction, the other fact, and both were fascinating in their own way. ‘Night Train To Lisbon’ is apparently a classic for anyone who has been to Lisbon, and was made into a film, but didn’t grip me as much as it did some friends I have spoken to about it.

But UK journalist Martin Page‘s account of life in Portugal was much more up my alley, including the facts that the Canadian region of Labrador, the Japanese culinary style of tempura, and Britain’s national dish vindaloo curry are all things which people don’t know come from Portugal.

Vindaloo even comes from the Portuguese words ‘vinha de alho’ – a wine and garlic sauce!


English/Indian/Portuguese curry. Photo used under creative commons.


Your next monthly update will come from Brazil, and if that isn’t enough to bring you back next month, I’m not sure what is…


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2 responses to “115. Books Bought & Read, April 2014…

  1. Sofia

    May 20, 2014 at 10:57 am

    ‘O Gato Malhado E A Andorinha Sinhá,’ – read that recently, cute!

    • doronklemer

      May 20, 2014 at 7:10 pm

      It’s already in the pile to take with me to Brazil: it may be an aeroplane book! 🙂


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