118. Books Bought & Read, May 2014…

27 Jun
118. Books Bought & Read, May 2014…

Books Bought, May 2014

‘Os Lusiadas Para Crianças,’ Luís Vaz de Camoes

’50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know,’ Joanne Baker

’50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need To Know,’ Ben Dupré

’50 Psychology Ideas You Really Need To Know,’ Adrian Furnham

’50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need To Know,’ Tony Crilly

’50 Religious Ideas You Really Need To Know,’ Peter Standford

’50 Economics Ideas You Really Need To Know,’ Edmund Conway

‘O País Das Maravilhas: Mosteiro Dos Jerónimos,’ (The Land Of Marvels: The Jerononimos Monastery)

‘O País Das Maravilhas: A Torre De Belém,’ (The Land Of Marvels: The Tower Of Belém)


Books Read, May 2014

Mensagem,’ Fernando Pessoa

Lisboa: a guerra nas sombras da cidade da luz, 1939-1945,’ (Lisbon: war in the shadows in the city of light, 1939-1945), Neill Lochery

Singularidades De Uma Rapariga Loura,’ (‘Peculiarities of a Fair-haired Girl‘), Eça de Quieroz

NW,’ Zadie Smith

‘I Am Zlatan Ibrahimović,’ Zlatan Ibrahimović


Book Blog, I have neglected you.

I have acted like a lover who has found a newer, younger woman, and spent more time with her. A newer model, who more people look at and pay attention to. That made me feel good. That made me feel like I was someone special.

But I’d forgotten what made me special in the first place.


Yes, my blog on my World Cup travels had more hits in its first two weeks than you have in the two years I have been writing you; yes, over 7,000 people read it on a single day last week; and yes, I have become so infatuated with it that, whereas I only pay you attention once a week, (and sometimes not even that often, these days…), I began blogging daily on your rival, and am up to two and even three times I day now.


I’m sorry.

Can you ever forgive me?…

Anyway, all of the books I currently have with me in Salvador, Brazil are either football based, Brazil based, or both, so that is what you have been missing.

The first of the lot was polished off on the 11-hour flight from Lisbon to Salvador de Bahía, the highly amusing ‘I am Zlatan Ibrahimović.‘ A present from a lovely Swedish friend who came to visit me in Portugal, this is the story of one of the strangest and strangely wonderful footballers of our time told from his own point of view. From small-town Swedish petty crime to a man who won eight league titles in a row with five different clubs, a truly ridiculous feat.

And then he scored this goal against England, possibly the greatest I’ve ever seen…

But that is my other life invading this one, and if you want more football, you can get daily updates from The Other Blog.

The few books I managed to read last month were either Portuguese literature or history, as I spent most of the month feverishly studying history in preparation for a new tour of a new area of town which never quite happened.

There was just enough time for me to squeeze in Zadie Smith’s excellent, London-based, slightly claustrophobic ‘NW‘, before I was heading across the Atlantic Ocean, like Pedro Alvarez Cabral over 500 years ago, to discover Brazil…

url-1 nw-bookcover mdTHvnRG8w-cyF0v5gnwcJA url 9789728708788

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One response to “118. Books Bought & Read, May 2014…

  1. nycavri

    June 28, 2014 at 1:12 am

    Shadows Still Remain – Peter de Jonge
    Beautiful Lies – Lisa Unger
    The Boy Detective Fails – Joe Meno
    The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen
    Stardust – Neil Gaiman

    After reading a sequel last month, I went back and read the original by Peter de Jonge this – I enjoyed both, though I was tearing my hair out trying to place the title. (I’ll leave you to suffer or Google as you will.)

    Beautiful Lies was equal parts frustrating and predictable. Procedural crime fiction at its worst. Blech.

    After being told for years to read The Boy Detective Fails by a friend whose opinion I don’t ridicule, I finally did. It is an odd ride, and it took me a while to understand that as much as anything it is a story of mental health and internal fantasy. Once I just sat back and let it take me for a ride, I was quite enchanted, and the ending was wonderfully melancholy.

    Similarly you, Doron, have been on my case to read (among many other authors) Jonathan Franzen, so here was The Corrections. This time I very quickly twigged to the idea that all of the characters are extremely flawed and essentially unlovable, and was very impressed with the way Franzen makes them both real and sympathetic. The way he tells the tale out of order (even adding an entirely new family, complete with history and timeline, for no apparent reason midway through the novel) was refreshing and made for some satisfying juxtaposition. I’ll be looking for more from him.

    And no matter how many times I read and reread anything by Gaiman, I never fail to spot something new and extraordinary, to be moved once more. He throws away ideas in two lines that other writers would base entire 14 volume series on . . .

    In June I will switch, as I do every summer, from my nook to dead tree reading. I expect to reread some old favorite, plough through some series, and maybe even try something that’s been sitting unread on my shelf for years!


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