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97. 2013 In (Book) Review…

My 2013 In Books

The first week of the year has become a time for me to look back and reflect on the previous 365 days…of books, of course. (My life takes care of itself: books need to be carefully considered).

The final tally for 2013?

174 books bought, and 179 read.

That’s a book bought and read almost every other day, an achievement to be proud of, (if buying and reading books is something you’re proud of, at least).

Almost half as many books bought as the year before, (is my addiction coming under control? Or was I just living in more rural areas last year?), and 23 more books read than last year. Most importantly, I finally read more books than I bought, (just!). If I live another 837 years, I may read all of the books in my cupboard, (plus all the ones I have yet to buy).


The books were read in eleven countries on four continents:

England, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, The USA, Portugal, Israel and Canada,

February was the only month where I bought the same number of books as I read, and there were two months when I somehow managed to buy only a single tome, (which contributed towards halving my addiction from last year). September was the most insane month either I or possibly anyone else has ever had purchasing and reading books, with an average of two bought and one read A DAY, (feel free to come read about it here).

     From real-life, to blog-life:

Thanks to YOU, in 2013 my scribblings were read by 5,651 people from NINETY-NINE COUNTRIES!!

The OCD side of me is heart-broken that we didn’t make a hundred; the literary in me loves the number 99, (not to mention the flake-topped ice-cream it represents in the UK, or its importance in music as varied as Jay-Z and Nena), a number as symbolic as forty in the Bible or 1,001 in literature.

(The latter may contain offensive language. Who am I kidding: the latter definitely does contain offensive language, not to mention illegal Beatles samples!)


Photo by Stan Shebs, used under Creative Commons license.

I didn’t quite keep up my blog-a-week goal, releasing only 42 word compilations into the netosphere, but maybe less is more, since 129 is now the number of views to beat in a single day, (up from 73 the year before), largely powered by the second part of my Top 10 of Favourite Authors featuring Haruki Murakami, who apparently has quite a devout online following. It was, however, the first part of that list which had the most hits throughout the year. Which is lucky, because I plan on writing a few more to expand my author Top 10, and to continue my Top 10 of Books, too.

The most searched-for term which led to my blog (besides my name, naturally enough), was Penguin and/or Puffin books, which helped people to find blogs like this one on the famed British publishing house: any guesses what next year’s will be?

Anyway, I’m honoured that readership doubled, and came from exactly 50% more countries than the previous year. If this trend continues, I see global domination in the near future.

Come join me!

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