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135. Books Bought & Read, December 2014…

135. Books Bought & Read, December 2014…

Twenty-four books bought, nineteen read. My piles will never go down at this rate…

(And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am counting the early 17th century Portuguese classic ‘Peregrinação‘ as ten different books, since: a) each volume is massive, and b) it’s my blog, whilst also acknowledging that I will almost certainly never get around to reading this gorgeous collection.)



(And I am also counting the cute, colourful kids’ adaptations of Portuguese classic novels and poems as fourteen books, even though they only took me a few hours to read them. See above.)


I have my reasons, (OK, OK, excuses: you say potato, I say butternut squash), for not reading more ‘real‘ books. Firstly, the first ‘real’ book I finished was about a thousand pages long, the surprisingly good Anne Rice novel which was gifted to me, began with some trepidation, but finished with pleasure, (although towards the middle there was a little too much focus on interior design for my liking, and not enough myth and darkness, which had been the staple for the majority of this history of witches).

The other is that, as pointed out last blog, I was rather busy launching my first book and didn’t have much time to spend reading, (although the sharp-witted amongst you will point out that I still managed to find time to purchase a couple of dozen books).

Since I am writing this a few weeks into January, I can tell you that I bought some crackers last month, and have already read half a dozen of them, but you will have to wait until next month what I think about lonely long distance running, or what the rule of law means. But I can tell you that I was glad to finally find and read the classic tale of a woman’s love affair with a book-shop,’84 Charing Cross Road,’ which will be featured in its own blog entry shortly. 


Goodbye, 2014! Hello 2015! And a book-filled, literary year to you all!


Books Bought, December 2014

Blandings Castle,’ P.G.Wodehouse

A Minha Primeira Amália,’ (‘My First Amália’), Maria Do Rosário Pedreira & João Fazenda

Peregrinação,’ x10 volumes, Fernão Mendes Pinto

Mensagem,’ Fernando Pessoa

Antología Poética,’ (‘Poetry Anthology’), Fererico García Lorca

Histórias Falsas,’ Gonçalo.M.Tavares

Novas Poesias Inéditas,’ Fernando Pessoa

84 Charing Cross Road,’ Helene Hanff

Ode Marítima,’ Fernando Pessoa

The Rule Of Law,’ Tom Bingham

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner,’ Alan Sillitoe

Bounce: how champions are made,’ Matthew Syed

Scoop: what your stuff says about you,’ Sam Gosling

Absolutely, Jeeves,’ P.G.Wodehouse

Territorial Rights,’ Muriel Spark


Books Read, December 2014

The Witching Hour,’ Anne Rice

A Volta Do Día Em 80 Mundos,’ (‘Around The Day In 80 Worlds’), Julio Cortázar

84 Charing Cross Road,’ Helene Hanff  borges

Try Rebooting Yourself,’ Scott Adams

Shark And Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventure,’ Viviane Schwarz & Joel Stewart

Millennium/Sol series: Classics Of Portuguese Literature, adapted for children:

-‘Os Maias,’ Eça de Quieroz

-‘Auto Da Barca Do Inferno,’ Gil Vicente

-‘Mensagem,’ Fernando Pessoa

-‘O Bobo,’ Alexandre Herculano

-‘As Pupilas Do Senhor Reitor,’ Júlio Dinis

-‘Amor De Perdição,’ Camilo Castelo Branco

-‘O Banquiero Anarquista,’ Fernando Pessoa

-‘A Queda De Um Anjo,’ Camilo Casteo Branco

-‘A Cidade E As Serras,’ Eça de Queiroz

-‘Sermão De Santo António Aos Peixes,’ Padre António Vieira

-‘Viagens Na Minha Terra,’ Almeida Garrett

-‘A Morgadinha Dos Canaviais,’ Júlio Dinis

-‘A Relíquia,’ Eça de Queiroz

-‘Os Fidalgos Da Casa Mourisca,’ Júlio Dinis

51ZdqIUAJEL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 1668934 220px-TheWitchingHourCover Prod662 cover-84-charing-cross-road Kit Quasi, Sol, Expresso


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132. Mobile Portuguese Literature…

132. Mobile Portuguese Literature…

For any of you readers out there who are wondering why I am currently living in Lisbon, you have probably never been here.

Incredible weather, friendly people, ridiculous prices, great food, stunning views, and some wonderful literature.

And mainly, the little things, like the ‘Tell A Story‘ van.


On a weekend jaunt to one of the many and fascinating craft and food markets across the city a while ago, I discovered a cute old VW van parked on the road. A friendly bearded young guy, (most Portuguese guys are friendly and bearded, you soon discover living here), was discussing Portuguese literature with passing tourists, and selling them various authors in various languages from a bookshelf propped against the van.


I had discovered the wonderful mobile literature shop of Lisbon.

Featured in articles as far afield as the UK’s Guardian newspaper, this four-wheeled book depository parks up at popular weekend spots and engages people in Portuguese literature, with the cunning use of beautiful postcards featuring some of my favourite Portuguese pen-pushers, from Eça de Queiróz to José Saramago to, of course, my beloved and befuddled Fernando Pessoa, (all of whom have had the honour to be featured in previous blogs which you can read by the interweb magic of simply clicking on their names above).

f4x9hGmuLxubhJB8OI41lu9vxUMN8P_ANzis7ffEtiE,xLHyrQ5kyT8zt5OTHGP5uT2IWgK4dGWDTaNBzIpWR5A10313580_760385947331244_1709365703361569287_n 35890_546582155378292_220088313_n 1005083_546582188711622_921698788_nIs there a cooler job in the world than driving around, finding a parking spot, and discussing and selling people literature? I may apply for a part time job, if they’ll have me.

I leave the last word(s) on why they do what they do to them, because they are beautiful words:

“Because we believe there’s no better way to remember a journey than a book. And that nothing makes one travel more than reading”


If you want to know more about Lisbon, my book is available to order now by simply clicking here!




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115. Books Bought & Read, April 2014…

115. Books Bought & Read, April 2014…

Books Bought, April 2014

Objecto, Quase,’ José Saramago

Deste Mundo O Do Outro,’ José Saramago

The Book Of Disquiet,’ Bernardo Soares / Fernando Pessoa

With Lawrence In Arabia,’ Lowell Thomas

História De Portugal,’ Maria Cândida Proeca

Poesias,’ Fernando Pessoa

Mensagem,’ Fernando Pessoa

K4: o cuadrado azul,’ José de Almada Negreiros

Pensageiro Frequente,’ Mia Couto

Lisboa: a guerra nas sombras da cidade de luz, 1939-1945,’ (‘Lisbon: war in the shadows of the city of light, 1939-1945’), Neill Lochery

O Velho Que Lia Romances De Amor,’  Luis Sepulveda

Historia De Una Gaviota E Do Gato Que A Ensinou A Voar,’  Luis Sepulveda

O Gato Malhado E A Andorinha Sinhá,’  Jorge Amado

O País Do Carnaval‘  Jorge Amado

Fado,’ José Regio

Fernando Pessoa,’ João Gaspar Simeões

José Saramago: nas suas palavraas,’ José Saramago

The First Global Village: how portugal changed the world,’ Martin Page

Collection of 14 ‘Classics of Portuguese Literature for Children’: Eça de Queiroz, Gil Vicente, Fernando Pessoa, Alexandre Herculano, Júlio Denis, Camilo Castelo Branco, Padre António Vieira, Almeida Garrett


Books Read, April 2014

Introducing Postfeminism,’ Sophia Phoca & Rebecca Wright

A Burnable Book,’ Bruce Holsinger

Night Train To Lisbon,’ Pascal Mercier

The First Global Village: how portugal changed the world,’ Martin Page


Yet again, I am weeks behind with my blogging, thanks to being weeks ahead of real life.

This week saw me share three cars with around a dozen strangers for over 4,000kms, (that’s 132.9 cubic litres if you don’t do metric), in order to cross four European countries, (well, cross three and pop into the fourth), in order to see my adopted football team, Benfica, lose on penalties in a European Cup Final in Torino, Italy.


Spot the odd one out…


…and spot the odd one!








Reading has been replaced by living lately, and writing even more so, but here is my belated account of last month’s literary comings and goings.

Thirty-two books bought, (almost half of them in a gorgeous illustrated kids’ set of classic Portuguese literature, picked up for an embarrassingly cheap sum in the bi-weekly Lisbon flea-market), most of them Portuguese books, (which I will either never read, or Brazilian authors I am preparing to take with me on my seven week odyssey to the World Cup in a few weeks), and only four read.


The cutest way to learn a foreign language/literature…


Two were on Lisbon, one fiction, the other fact, and both were fascinating in their own way. ‘Night Train To Lisbon’ is apparently a classic for anyone who has been to Lisbon, and was made into a film, but didn’t grip me as much as it did some friends I have spoken to about it.

But UK journalist Martin Page‘s account of life in Portugal was much more up my alley, including the facts that the Canadian region of Labrador, the Japanese culinary style of tempura, and Britain’s national dish vindaloo curry are all things which people don’t know come from Portugal.

Vindaloo even comes from the Portuguese words ‘vinha de alho’ – a wine and garlic sauce!


English/Indian/Portuguese curry. Photo used under creative commons.


Your next monthly update will come from Brazil, and if that isn’t enough to bring you back next month, I’m not sure what is…


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