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146. Booklyn, New York!

It has been a long time since this was anything like a weekly blog, and even monthly went out the window a while ago, but starting from next week, I hope to change all that.

Writing my book took up most of 2015, and after it was published earlier this year studying the complete history of New York (and the USA) in order to start work shortly as a tour guide took up the rest of my time. Essentially, this blog has been book-blocked by the likes of this 1,300page monster:


But I finally finished it last night, and to celebrate (along with a glass of whiskey), I am getting back into the blogging business, (different from any other kind of business in that I don’t actually make any money from it. Although someone once sent me a proof copy of their new book, which was nice).

This entry is also to tell you one of the many, many things I love about living in Brooklyn: people often leave unwanted books on the pavement, (or ‘sidewalk,’ as I’m now legally obliged to call it).

In ones or twos or a dozen, free-range or in cardboard boxes, and not (always) nonsense books: I’ve picked up a couple of Nobel Prize winners and some classics literally on the corner outside my apartment. Wednesday appears to be a particularly good day for stoop-surfing for books, apparently.

Why do people do this? I have no idea. But, obviously, I’m not complaining…


Image courtesy of Diamond Valley College

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